Why Identity Protect Plus

Identity thieves are becoming bolder and more innovative in their techniques, employing new methods to gain control of your information. As a result, relying solely on a few traditional safeguards is insufficient for combating newer, more damaging identity crimes. Today, properly defending against identity fraud requires an advanced, multi-pronged approach that addresses all the methods thieves are using to steal your personal information.

Identity Protect Plus employs an extensive suite that provides advanced protections against the three main types of identity fraud: new account fraud, credit card fraud and existing account fraud.

Some identity protection methods are "reactive," meaning they work only after a crime has been committed against you. However, Identity Protect Plus offers an array of proactive measures that can help stop fraud before it occurs.

In the unlikely event that your identity is stolen while a member of our program, our Identity Theft Insurance pays for certain services you need to resolve your case. And we offer an array of personalized support designed to get you back on your feet quickly. So you get all the help you need to resolve your issue fast. And that's the truth.

Identity Protect Plus is Backed By Over 35 Years of Experience in the Field.